Happy Future because I believe in using technology to make the world a better place.

1.) Who I am

a photo of Diana Lopez

My name is Diana Lopez. I live in West Los Angeles, California. I’ve always been enamoured with the web—I began studying code & design at an early age. What keeps me going is coffee and my tiny pet birds.

2.) What I do

Making websites

I design websites and apps that are delightful when appropriate and out-of-the-way (“just works”) most other times. I blend traditional & modern design principles in a way that works for the web.

3.) How I do it


My process includes getting to know everything about you, coming up with a content plan, designing, and developing. There are many checkpoints along the way, and it’s pretty fun to see it all come together.

4.) Who my clients are


I’ve worked with startups, small businesses, marketing agencies, non-profits, and more. I love working with all industries, especially individuals and organizations that are responsible & progressive-leaning.

5.) What people say


“Not only does Diana have a great eye for design and color, but she also understands business needs. This is a very rare trait in a web designer and a huge asset.” —Annabel Youens, CMO & Co-founder of The Appreciation Engine

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Good design not only solves problems, it creates opportunities you didn’t know were possible.

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